Engineered Carbon Fiber Composite Sheets, Tubes and Structural Components

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Our carbon fiber veneer sheets are produced to create a completely clear face and highly visible fiber structure. View our carbon fiber veneer sheets here.


Sheets & Plates

1615 Products
DragonPlate® offers a wide variety of carbon fiber sheets and plates for any application. View our carbon fiber sheets and plates here.


Sandwich Sheets

997 Products
Available in multiple types of carbon fiber, our sandwich sheet options include birch, kevlar, foam, and other cores. View our comparison chart to find the right material for your project.



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DragonPlate® Carbon Fiber Tubes are made from high-quality material, made in the United States. Learn more about our carbon fiber tubes here.


Telescoping Tubes

634 Products
Nesting within one another, our carbon fiber telescoping tubes are an ideal solution for adjustable poles, robotics, factory automation, and more. View our selection here.


Connector Systems

244 Products
We offer many quality carbon fiber tube connector systems, all made in the USA. Our modular tube connectors, pultruded connectors, and square tube structures provide a lightweight solution for connecting our carbon fiber tubes together.


Structural Components

145 Products
DragonPlate® carbon fiber structural components increase a design's strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance while maintaining a lightweight build.


Pultruded Components

123 Products
For high-quality pultruded carbon fiber components, DragonPlate® has what you need. View our carbon fiber rods, strips, and pultruded tubes here, or contact us for a custom solution.


High Temperature

24 Products
Our specialized high temperature carbon fiber components maintain rigidity in very high temperatures and are flame retardant. Learn the difference between standard and high temperature carbon fiber here.


Flame Retardant

121 Products
Our flame retardant carbon fiber materials are manufactured using specialty epoxy resins, making them ideal for aviation and marine applications. Learn more and shop here.


Kevlar Composites

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DragonPlate® has many Kevlar products including hybrid carbon/Kevlar plates, carbon/Kevlar tubes, and more. Learn more and see our Kevlar and carbon fiber products here.


Adhesives & Applicators

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Finding the right adhesive or applicator for your carbon fiber project is essential to ensuring a strong bond. View our adhesive selection guide and start shopping here.


Additional Items

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We carry a variety of bonded fasteners as well as polishes for your DragonPlate® carbon fiber project and component needs. View our selection and start shopping here.


Quadcopter Kits

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Our UAV and quadcopter kits are lightweight, durable, and resistant to temperature changes, making them ideal for military, commercial, and hobby applications.


Manufacturing Services
DragonPlate® can support your company with custom carbon fiber components and sub-assemblies.

Engineering & Design Services
Element6 specializes in the design, analysis, protyping and manufacturing of carbon fiber composites.
Learn more at our website.

CNC Cutting Services
Save time and effort. Let us cut and deliver our high-quality carbon fiber composites to your specifications!